Month: October 2017

National Coming Out Day

Fists-Up for Pride











I’m out. I have been “out” for many years, but to anyone who does not know coming out is a life-long process.As you travel along in life you meet new people and as you get to know them better it does sometimes come to a point where you have to come out yet once again. I don’t want to bore anyone with the re-telling of my coming out story, but suffice it to say it was a studdered, painful, and drama-filled affair. And like with most things I got over it in time.

However, on this National Coming Out Day, I do want to reflect and impart on those that come after me to be strong, be patient and love. Sometimes you will be called on to treat others better than they deserve, be humble but confident and most important be positive. Be a rainbow to the world and the world will bring you rainbows.